Using the Program Listing Shortcode

Use the shortcode to add a list of your programs to any WordPress post, page or theme file. Simply insert the following into the contents of your page or post and it will automatically list out the programs you’ve added to Mandala Booking Manager.

Only list one category

If you’d like to list programs specific to one program cateogry on your site, add the category attribute with the “slug” value of that category. Here is an example:

This will now only list programs you’ve added to a “Featured Events” category. You can create new categories and see a list of categories and their “slugs” by loging in to Mandala Booking Manager and clicking “Programs -> Category”

Hiding and showing program content in list

If you’d like to simplify the programs list you can add the following attributes to remove certain elements. Here is an example that would hide everything except the title:

Showing extra items that are not enabled by default:

– show_first_teacher_photo – show the image of the first teacher (usually used in conjunction with hide_photo to show the teacher photo rather than the program photo)
– show_first_price – show the first/lowest price. Outputs “From $xxxx.xx”.

Add a link directly to the registration form

To add a link underneath each program that points directly to the registration form, you can add the following attribute to the shortcode:

Table view

This view is useful when your programs are mainly identical except for the dates, location or teachers. You can decide what data to show in the table list. All items are optional. A simple and more detailed examples are below:

Program extra display fields can be accesses using extra_display_field=”My Title” where “My Title” is the exact title of the extra display field as set when editing the program.

Alternate program description URL

If you run one program many times it makes sense to keep the program description on your own website rather than duplicating it in each program then choose table view to display available dates. If so then enter the URL for the page on your website in the “Alternate Description URL” field (inside More Program Details when editing your program).

Adding the shortcode to a template file

For webmasters and site developers who want to position a program list that can’t be done through editing a post, page or widget, you can also implement this shortcode in a theme file using the following wordpress method:


Customize the color of the register now button

Available as an option on the settings page to do this.


Show all teachers or by teacher category:

Viewing Categories via URL

You can see program and teacher categories by just using a url. If your main program URL is ‘/retreats/’ then go to /retreats/category/featured-events/ to see just those categories. Teachers works similarly.