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shortcode to add a list of your programs to any WordPress post, page or theme file. Simply insert the following into the contents of your page or post and it will automatically list out the programs you’ve added to Mandala Booking Manager.

Only list one category

If you’d like to list programs specific to one program cateogry on your site, add the category attribute with the “slug” value of that category. Here is an example:

This will now only list programs you’ve added to a “Featured Events” category. You can create new categories and see a list of categories and their “slugs” by loging in to Mandala Booking Manager and clicking “Programs -> Category”

Hiding and showing program content in list

If you’d like to simplify the programs list you can add the following attributes to remove certain elements. Here is an example that would hide everything except the title:

Showing extra items that are not enabled by default:

– show_first_teacher_photo – show the image of the first teacher (usually used in conjunction with hide_photo to show the teacher photo rather than the program photo)
– show_first_price – show the first/lowest price. Outputs “From $xxxx.xx”.

Playa Venao / Panama

Nico Almeida - Trainer / Coach

April 18 - 25, 2020
Playa Venao / Panama - Skill Level 1 or higher
Want to put some adventure surf travel into your world while taking your surf skills to the next level? Join Safari Surf Adventures to our 2020 Panama coaching camps. This surf trip to Gran Canaria will take you to the north shore of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
From $2,010.00

Add a link directly to the registration form

To add a link underneath each program that points directly to the registration form, you can add the following attribute to the shortcode:

Table view

This view is useful when your programs are mainly identical except for the dates, location or teachers. You can decide what data to show in the table list. All items are optional. A simple and more detailed examples are below:

April 18 - 25, 2020
May 2 - 9, 2020
Dates BOOKINGTeachersLocationPriceDetailsAvailable SpotsAvailabilityRegister
April 18 - 25, 2020 Playa Venao / Panama Nico Almeida - Trainer / Coach Playa Venao / Panama - Skill Level 1 or higher
  • El Sitio Hotel Double King Size Room – $2,010.00
  • El Sitio Hotel Single King Size Room – $2,855.00
10 Open
May 2 - 9, 2020 Ericeira / Portugal Miguel Fortes Ericeira Portugal - Skill Level: 2nd or higher
  • Magic Quiver - Shared Accommodation – $1,490.00
8 Open

Program extra display fields can be accesses using extra_display_field=”My Title” where “My Title” is the exact title of the extra display field as set when editing the program.

Alternate program description URL

If you run one program many times it makes sense to keep the program description on your own website rather than duplicating it in each program then choose table view to display available dates. If so then enter the URL for the page on your website in the “Alternate Description URL” field (inside More Program Details when editing your program).

Adding the shortcode to a template file

For webmasters and site developers who want to position a program list that can’t be done through editing a post, page or widget, you can also implement this shortcode in a theme file using the following wordpress method:


Customize the color of the register now button

Available as an option on the settings page to do this.


Show all teachers or by teacher category:

Teacher profile image

Alonso Aragon-Teacher/Coach

Alonso has been with Safari Surf as an instructor / coach since 2004. He’s an accomplished surfer who love the ocean, loves to fish and traveling. Playing soccer with his boy and coaching their team is something he enjoys in his free time when not fishing. He is an ISA Level 2 Surf Coach as well as a certified Ocean Rescue Lifeguard.

Teacher profile image

Andrea Diaz-Teacher/Coach

Andrea has been with Safari Surf as an instructor / coach since 2016. She is our new addition but she comes to us with a ton of experience in the surf coaching world as her kids are all excellent surfers and competitors on the national Costa Rica circuit. She surfed professionally and was sponsored by Roxy. She is also the Costa Rican National Women’s Surfing Champion for the years 2011 & 2015. She is an ISA Level 2 Surf Coach as well as a certified Ocean Rescue Lifeguard.

Teacher profile image

Dirk Herpel - SUP Coach

Dirk started to SUP in 2008. As a wave windsurfer by heart since more than 30 years it didn`t take him long to enjoy SUP Surfing too. Based in Hamburg/ Germany he surfs the windswept lines around Klitmøller / Denmark – or better known as „Cold Hawaii“. In 2013 he became German Vice SUP Wave champion, but leaves now the competitive part of the family to his daughter Paulina, a multiple German champion and number 4 at the European wave SUP championships in 2017. He loves to share his passion for SUP Surfing technique, gear and the ocean in general…

Teacher profile image

Francisco Romeiras - Coach / Coordinator Tiago Pires Surf

Francisco is a native of Ericeira and he started surfing at the early age of seven.  In his professional live he graduated in Management and Leadership at University in England where he resides between 2013 and2018.  Just after he returned back to his hometown he accepted the opportunity of leading the administrative and operational part of the Tiago Pires Surf School (TPSS) – Because nothing gives him more pleasure than to welcome you in his home turf in Portugal and to provide you with the best surfing experience possible.

Teacher profile image

Gino Teacher / Coach

GINO – Deputy Director of the School / Instructor Nationality: Brazil – Spanish Age: 44 Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese Qualification: Surf Trainer Surfer of a great level that in one of his visits to Gran Canaria found the happiness where his family has formed and can work in what has been his passion all his life, surfing. He will always have a smile and help you with everything you need.

Teacher profile image

Helberth Ruiz-Teacher/Coach

Helberth has been with Safari Surf as an instructor / coach since 2008. Helberth is an excellent surfer in his own right and very in tune with the local spots. He loves to travel and surf different locations. He is also passionate about playing and coaching soccer. He is an ISA Level 2 Surf Coach as well as a certified Ocean Rescue Lifeguard.

Teacher profile image

Javier Larco

My name is Javier Larco and I am born and raised in Huanchaco / Trujillo / Peru. The birthplace of (Peruvian – or any?) Surfing. I teach surfing since more than 16 years – for example as a coach of the junior national team from 2016 – 2018. Always I update my training curriculum and improve my teaching level in order of being able to transmit my own surfing experiences to my clients. Being a Surf Coach is about being patient and to be understood, be prepared and able to teach with the best training techniques and safety in the…

Teacher profile image

Luis Carranza-Teacher/Coach

Luis has been with Safari Surf as an instructor / coach since 2010. Luis is a progressive young surfer who like to compete and travel the world. He’s very dedicated to teaching the art of wave riding to his guests. He is an ISA Level 2 Surf Coach as well as a certified Ocean Rescue Lifeguard.

Teacher profile image

Miguel Fortes

Miguel Fortes is one of the best surfers in Ericeira, and knows better than anyone the barrels of Coxos. With a perfecf technique, Miguel is one of the surfers with the most beautiful style and surf line of Ericeira. Respected surfer, Billabong rider, recognize Surf instructor and coach surfer by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

Teacher profile image

Nico Almeida - Trainer / Coach

Nico has been surfing for 15+ years and worked in the hospitality and surf tourism industry for over 11 years. Working and Surfing in the best surfing spots around the world. Places like Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia, and Panama. His calmness in the water translates to his students and keeps them comfortable and having a good time surfing. Nico has a great knowledge of different surf breaks and reading the best waves for different surfers. Being able to surf all around the world and with all different types of surfers has given Nico a well-rounded surf style. His…

Teacher profile image

Ricardo Pires - Teaching Coordinator

“I surf because it´s in my blood.” Flow and enjoy! Ricardo has a calm and idiosyncratic connection to surf. For him surfing is not just a sport, it’s a life fulfilling experience. With his surfing he shows that reaching harmony is a tireless quest, where you need to find the moment in your favour and be able to grasp it to express unity. One move can make a thousand waves. Ricardo truly believes in it: surf means to him an enormous and sincere gratitude! Since surf dazzled him, in the age of 14 with a magic 5´10 board that belonged…

Teacher profile image

Roger Ruiz (Pio)- Teacher/Coach

Pio has been with Safari Surf as an instructor / coach since day 1 in 1999. Pio gets his nickname because he is always chirping about how good the surf is! He’s been surfing for many years and to this day still acts like a grommet. He’s very active in the local community and within his church as well. He is an ISA Level 2 Surf Coach as well as a certified Ocean Rescue Lifeguard.

Teacher profile image

Serena Brooke - Teacher / Coach

Serena is a professional surfer, surf coach, charity worker and mother based in Queensland, Australia.  Serena enjoyed a 14-year competitive surf career with the World Surf League where she picked up the nickname ‘sauce’ from putting tomato sauce on almost everything she ate! Among her notable accomplishments was winning the Billabong Pro Australia title and achieving a temporary #1 overall ranking in 2001. Serena has finished with #2 ranking twice on the World Championship Tour.  Serena has watched the sport grow exponentially as a key part of the evolution of women’s surfing and will remain an icon of the sport…

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Viewing Categories via URL

You can see program and teacher categories by just using a url. If your main program URL is ‘/retreats/’ then go to /retreats/category/featured-events/ to see just those categories. Teachers works similarly.