Gino Teacher / Coach

GINO – Deputy Director of the School / Instructor

Nationality: Brazil – Spanish
Age: 44
Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese Qualification: Surf Trainer

Surfer of a great level that in one of his visits to Gran Canaria found the happiness where his family has formed and can work in what has been his passion all his life, surfing.
He will always have a smile and help you with everything you need.

Events with Gino Teacher / Coach

Las Palmas Gran Canaria / Canary Islands
October 19, 2019

Want to put some adventure surf travel into your world while taking your surf skills to the next level? Join Safari Surf Adventures to our 2019 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria / Canary Islaneds coaching trip. This surf trip to the Canary Island will take you to the North Shore of Gran Canaria with plenty of options and different waves, from friendly beginner/intermediate waves to world class heavy breaks. Depending on the level of the group and conditions our local team will ensure the right spot for your best surf. You will be staying in a cosy surf-hostel which is located right…