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Safari Surf Adventures (SSA) is a preeminent surf program combining superlative surf instruction from professional surf coaches with surf travel to some of the premier surf locations in the world.

This combination along with intense surf video analysis is foremost for surfers looking to take their surfing to the next level.

SSA is also committed to sustainable surf travel…making sure our footprint to locations we visit is as small as possible while also helping and giving back the local communities where and when we can.

Why Safari Surf Adventures?

  • Nonpareil surf instruction & travel program on the market today for beginner + to intermediate level surfers
  • Exotic locations – to surf better one must surf better waves … we take you there
  • Small groups between 4-8 guests per trip to make sure trips are personalized
  • Hosted by professional surf coaches who will be coaching you both in and out of the water
  • Video analysis is absolutely key in any surfers development and this is principle to our program
  • Breathwork program from yoga and / or surf stretch sessions
  • Sustainable surf travel philosophy…engaging local cultures and customs while giving back to communities
  • SSA can customize a trip for you (min. 3 guests)
  • All video and photos will be yours
  • We offer non-surfer & family options and pricing
  • The ability to create and customize your own surf trip!
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Want To Customize Your Own Trip?





Beginner - 1

0 months surfing

Never surfed before, need basic beach lesson.

Beginner Surfer + - 2

Surfs at minimum 1-2 times a month / 1- 6 months

depending on times per month surf frequency

You understand the basic principles of surf technique. You have general basic ocean awareness, basic pop-up concepts mastered, basic paddling concepts. You need assistance in getting out through the surf, assistance getting into waves (whitewater or small open face waves). Can only surf straight…cannot turn the board on rail to trim down the line.

For who – This level is tricky as every person picks up this sport at different rates of speed. We find that kids who are super light tend to pick it up much faster than adults who have more weight to distribute on a board. That being said, this level is very important on (3) levels…one, having some high end surf instruction is very important and can speed up your learning curve exponentially. Two, having the right equipment for your height and weight and surf skill set. And finally, and most important is your environment…or what type of surf break you are surfing on. For this level you want to be on a sand bottom wave so not rocks or reef to contend with. In addition, you must find a beach where the bottom contour of the bottom has a very gradual decent. This type of bottom will slow the oncoming waves down some and they tend to break a little further from shore so as not to be “pounding” right on the shoreline. If you have these 3 elements you will have the best chance for success. The Costa Rica location for Safari Surf School is perfect for you as a surfer who is committed to improving to the vext level.

Beginner / intermediate Surfer - 3

Surfs at minimum 2 – 4 times a month / 6-12 months

depending on times per month surf frequency

You’re proficient at paddling (both paddling out through surf & paddling to catch a wave). Depending on your board size and shape, you can “duck dive” and / or “turtle roll” surfboard well enough to get through oncoming surf / get out of impact zone. You have average + paddling capability – strength, can catch an open face wave physically unassisted, average pop up speed into the proper surf stance, can maneuver your board to turn down the line of a wave. Ocean awareness building, your able to read the ocean a bit more and understand what you are seeing with respect to wind, currents, conditions, line up etc.

For who – This is the level where most people tend to get a little frustrated either due to not being able to get in the ocean and practice enough or perhaps your technique is not what it needs to be due to lack of surfing and / or lack of quality instruction. This level is very important, as this is where you will take a very positive turn in a short period of time with high-end instruction and video analysis. This is where we perfect your current techniques of paddling, pop-ups, duck diving or turtle roll. This is where we take you to a physically stronger, sounder technical form of surf skills. But more importantly, get your mind / confidence up to where you can really start to push yourself. Just by strengthening your techniques from paddling to pop-ups and shoring up and technical flaws in weight distribution on your board to your arms not being in a proper position, you will see your surfing level boost exponentially in a very short time. But, probably more important will be the boost in your metal state …your confidence. This level is all about getting your technique and confidence level to an all time high so you can keep progressing.

Intermediate Surfer - 4

Surfs at minimum 4 – 6 times a month / 12 months +

depending on times per month surf frequency

All of Level 3 techniques plus – you have high confidence in your paddling ability, strong duck diving and / or turtle roll technique, comfortable in the line up. Ocean awareness and general line up identification are pretty spot-on (Watching new line up and understanding where to sit in line up, seeing who may be a liability in the water and stay clear, identifying rocks, reef, currents etc.). You can identify, paddle, and catch your own waves, can bottom turn both front side and back side with some consistency, can trim down the line after a bottom turn, small “s” turns on the open face of waves, you understand how to wipe off speed (cut back) but may need more practice.

For who – At this level you are really starting to become very comfortable in the ocean where you typically surf.
But the key here is that you must start pushing your limits, pushing you comfort zone, surfing perhaps a little bigger waves than you have in the past, trying a new surf spot or two to feel the rhythm of the ocean at a different surf location, and attempt more aggressive maneuvers closer to the pocket. Start pushing on your rails more. Instead of just drawing a straight line down the wave, start pumping the legs up and down getting your board on its rails or edges. This is where we introduce “rail to rail” surfing…or you can call it “heel to toe”…being able to transfer your body weight both forward and back as well as from heel to toe. This is where we start to get in tune with the “flow” of your surfing, how your body positioning and weight distribution is so important to how you surf a wave.

Intermediate / Advanced Surfer - 5

Been surfing for a couple of years pretty regularly

All levels of 4 techniques plus – You can take off on a wave at an angle which is headed down the line, can bottom turn consistently both front and back side and drive down the line with “s” turns, can do solid cut backs, you can do top turns and off the tops with some regularity. Strong ocean awareness, strong paddling technique for catching waves and getting back out to the line up.

For who – At this level “you” are looking to improve your style / technique, looking to take your surf skill set to the next level of aggressiveness. Looking to push your surfing standards higher and to progress. This means attempting more radical maneuvers in the “pocket” of a wave. Staying as close to the pocket, curl (or power) of the breaking wave as possible through the entire ride. At this level is where you start to develop your own “style”…how you want to surf each wave. At this stage you have to push the limits to advance, you have to try new aggressive moves in order to learn from mistakes. This level is also where you will really focus on your body positioning, distribution of weight while riding a wave, following your body mechanics to see if they are in line with the wave that you are surfing. Surfing is ALL ABOUT flow…your body MUST flow with the wave in synch…it’s a function of putting together all the techniques you’ve learned while staying in rhythm or flow of the wave you are on. This will create YOUR surf “style”. Video analysis and a surf coach is key to all levels of surf progression but none more so than this level! This is where it all comes together…form and function.

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  • "Andrew and I are so grateful we had the opportunity to experience Rote with SSA.  I thought the accommodation was amazing. The SSA coach's professionalism, organizational skills, surfing ability, creative and therapeutic yoga skills and local knowledge was what made our surf trip so successful." ROTE ISLAND, INDONESIA ~ 2017

    Patricia and Andrew Kelly
    Patricia and Andrew Kelly
  • "The trip was super great. The adventure I had hoped for. I went in with no expectations so everything was a delightful surprise.  The staff are exceptional in every way. I loved the SSA coach so much! Our pro mentor was fun to be around and inspirational." ROTE ISLAND, INDONESIA ~ 2017

    Allison Stratton
    Allison Stratton
  • "SSA's help with flights and logistics was great. Overall it was one of the best surf trips I have done the people and the place were amazing." ROTE ISLAND, INDONESIA ~ 2017

    Jon Guitar
    Jon Guitar
  • "The coaches were truly excellent, as was the hotel and the hotel staff. The coaches truly helped me to understand wave selection and direction better than I had ever before. I am very happy that you put this trip together and that I went with you.  I was considering taking the trip on my own, but believe I could not have overcome the language barrier nor understood the wave nearly as well on my own." CHICAMA, PERU ~ 2017

    Jessie Witherspoon
  • "It was a really great week – the organisation was great, the small size of the group worked really well, the surf instruction was really helpful and very tailored to each of our needs and the resort was comfortable, laid back and very enjoyable. I had a great week and would definitely consider going on another SSA adventure (and have already started looking!)." CHICAMA, PERU ~ 2019

    Sam Whitaker
    Sam Whitaker
  • "Dirk and gang. Thanks for sending the pictures and videos. It made me very "homesick" for our time in Chicama. We had a great time and what made it extra special was getting to know each of you and spending quality time together. Hope to see all of you sometime soon." CHICAMA, PERU ~ 2019

    David Rostov
    David Rostov
  • Indeed it was a brilliant surfing and human experience! It has been hard to shake the memories and return to the much less thrilling everyday… Thanks so much to you Dirk for a seamless organisation, Dani, for yoga and support in and outside the water, and Javier for top notch surfing instructions. And for everyone for the camaraderie and the fun! PERU, CHICAMA ~ 2019

    Frederique Dahan
    Frederique Dahan