Rote is the most southern island of the Nusa Tenggara island chain in Indonesia and an ideal destination for an Indonesia Surf Trip. It lies a few miles south of West Timor, 150 miles from the coast of northern Australia and has a population of 60,000.

The Rotenese are a very respectful, charming, predominantly Christian people. Traditionally their main economic activities have been the exploitation of the Lontar Palm, which they use for everything, from nutrition to building materials. Fishing and more recently, the cultivation of seaweed (agar-agar) provides the island a stable local income. Trade winds are consistent and offshore, allowing for comfortable and breezy evenings.

Average daytime high temps are 29-31C (86-88F) and nighttime lows are around 24C (75F). The ocean clocks in at a soothing 27C (80F).

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Your Safari Surf Adventures surf coaching program will be led by our experienced and passionate local team. We will guide you to level appropriate waves and employ the unique SSA training curriculum in and out of the water.

A key component of our teaching philosophy is video and photo reviews, helping to track your progress and giving you focussed goals to work on throughout the program. All progress tracking, photos and videos we take of you are yours to take home at the end of your SSA adventure, giving you a great reference for continued progression whenever and wherever you surf.

Directly in front of our camp in Nemberala is the home break of T-Land, a friendly left hand reef break characterized by its endless walls and multiple take-offs. T-land is broken up into a quartet of take-off zones, each with their own character. On occasion, they all connect brilliantly, but for the most part they provide a delightful variety of wave character.

T-land distinguishes itself as one of the most consistent breaks anywhere in the world, almost always four foot and over, breaking on any tide. Best of all, most of the time you will enjoy an offshore breeze! On the off chance our home break isn’t ideal for you to progress on, the Nemberala area enjoys a wealth of other left and right hand breaks within striking distance, including Sucky Mama’s, Bo’a, Do’o, the Bombie and Learners.



Malole Surf House is located on the powder white sands of Nemberala Beach, Rote Island, directly in front of the world class left hand surf break known as T-land. Our hosts pride themselves on the eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable approach of their Rote lodgings. Their use of indigenous materials and building plans, solar power, and reverse osmosis water processing all contribute to the minimum environmental impact of your stay. Our host camp provides unforgettable and unique culinary experience for breakfast, lunch and evening meals during your program. All meals are healthy, organic, homemade and sourced from a wide range of local and market fresh ingredients.

The four camp suites capture blue-green lagoon and whitewater panoramas. Each is architecturally crafted in Rotenese fashion with Western accompaniments. Surrounded by gardened walkways, the structures offer traditional Indonesian craftsmanship, comfort and privacy. Features include traditional stonework, outdoor seating and ample storage for sports gear. The property is surrounded by Rote’s signature natural stone and palm fencing, which ensures privacy and security without obstructing sea views. Daily room servicing and all of the modern electrical conveniences (cooling fans, fast Wi-Fi and reading lamps) are provided.

While you may like to walk the reef to T-land, we have a guest surf shuttle standing by so you can access the main break easily and save your paddle strength. We also have an excursion skiff complete to get you comfortably to the other breaks on Rote and nearby islands. To complete the set, our host camp also owns a 34-foot Catamaran and regularly takes guests out for blissful sunset sails following a full day catching waves. Our boat captain is a life-time fisherman originally from the local islands. He knows these waters intimately and can expertly and safely transport the SSA guests and crew anywhere in the region.

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  • Round trip transportation from Kupang to Rote and back to Kupang (via air and / or Boat)
  • (10) Nights accommodations at the gorgeous SSA host surf camp sitting right on the waters edge
  • (3) Gourmet 5 course meals each day from our renown Chef Maria
  • All waters, juices, coffee
  • All land and sea transportation to all of the surf spots around the island
  • Daily surf sessions with surf coach in the water / surf sessions videoed
  • Daily surf analysis sessions with our surf coach to break down your current surf skill set and focus on improving your overall approach in catching and surfing waves
  • Safari Surf Adventures concierge / staff to help with on location details if / when needed
  • Participation in some local adventure / cultural activities
  • Copy of all video & photographs of your surf trip
  • Final video analysis – providing you a guideline on what you need to continue to develop as you move forward with your surfing


  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Insurance (we recommend everyone to carry an insurance to cover health / injuries, damage, travel). You will need to sign a liability waiver with SSA.


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Rote’s clear turquoise water is filled with abundant fish and coral. Explore what lies beneath with our snorkel gear or go out on a diving expedition to go deeper in the Indian Ocean.


Rote’s island channels are, for the most part, unexploited by sports fisherman. Each of these small gems offers an intriguing venue for trolling, bottom fishing opportunities and spear fishing.

Guests often catch many of the sashimi quality Spanish Mackerel and Tuna. Our camp chefs would be delighted to serve up your catch of the day.

Island Exploration

Guided Day Tour: An island tour inside a comfortable car will take you to places you cannot find on your own, spots that are known only to in-the-know locals, worthy of a camera, good company and a Bintang.

Bicycling: Our host camp’s bevy of bicycles are waiting to take you through the village roads and up into the island for sweeping views and isolated white sand beaches.

Scooters: If you’re keen to take a more motorized approach to your exploration, we can arrange a rental scooter for you to explore with.


An adventure all its own, few things compare to the feeling of sailing in the tropics. With the steady trade winds, sailing on our 34 foot Wharram Catamaran is a once in a lifetime experience.

Ikat textile shopping

Nusa Tenggara is considered birthplace of Ikat textile-arts. On Rote, you will frequently see a wide variety of shawls, sarongs and blankets among the townspeople. Most of which are intricately hand woven. The island is non-commercial and hence is a great place to pick up one-of-a-kind hand spun crafts.



Our goal is to accelerate your learning curve across the spectrum of the surf lifestyle to become a confident and skilful Surfer. This in combination with complimentary Yoga, fitness and breathing techniques will offer you unrivalled progression and improvement.

In all our locations, SSA supports local projects which help alleviate the problem of marine little and marine plastics. On every surf adventure with us, you will have the opportunity to learn more and get involved with our sustainability vision.