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Safari Surf Adventures is an intensive, hands on coaching tutorial program dedicated to “intermediate” skill level surfers. Our surf camps take surfers to remote locations with high quality point break surf options which are optimum for enhancing one’s surf level.

There is a time in every surfer’s learning curve, when they get to a point where the need for actual “experience” in certain waves types, conditions, and situations is the only way to not only comprehend those various situations but learn how to act and react to those situations. SSA’s goal is to expedite the learning curve of these surfers through real time surf experiences with high end surf coaches on hand to guide them.



  • Tim Marsh
    Tim Marsh Co-founder
    United States

    Tim grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. You could say he is a waterbaby and has been in and around the ocean his entire life. Tim surfed competitively for many years in his youth in Hawaii and California and brings a wealth of technical surf experience to our curriculum. He has traveled from a young age to many surf destinations around the globe. Tim currently owns and runs a company called Safari Surf School which he has been running in Costa Rica (and now Nicaragua) since 1999. It is the premier all-inclusive surf package provider in Central America.

  • Dirk Teckenburg
    Dirk Teckenburg Co-founder

    Dirk braved Northern Europen waters as a windsurfer in his early days and gradually moved into Surfing. He has worked in the Sports and Surf Industry for many years due to his love and passion for the Oceans, nature and an active yet sustainable lifestyle. In previous years he has been responsible for the sales & marketing operations of a world-famous outdoor brand and has lived in various locations in Europe and Asia. Dirk is primarily looking after our Marketing and Business Development as well as the European side of Safari Surf Adventures.

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson Co-founder
    United Kingdom

    Jeremy, our British Earth Scientist, joined Safari Surf Adventures after 7 years working across Europe and Africa as a business development project manager in and Geologist for some of the biggest Energy companies in the world. Jeremy’s major passions have always been adventure sports and travel, bringing a wealth of different experience to the team. Jeremy will be focused on ensuring the environmental sustainability and community outreach of SSA as well as pioneering SSA’s Surf Science workshop program.



Our coaching program is aimed at the intermediate level surfer.  To us, ‘intermediate’ level means; a solid general grasp of your equipment, relatively strong paddling skills, enough wave knowledge to put yourself in position to and actually catch an open faced wave, basic bottom and top turns are easy for this surfer to achieve.

We run performance camps to relatively remote locations with world class surf ~ focussing on point breaks – rock, reef, sand. We aim to help our clients experience real surf progression under the watchful eyes and tutelage of our high end surf coaches (ISA — International Surf Association — Level 2 or equivalent & Lifeguard as well as first aid). We also ensure our clients quality, established accommodation at ever location allowing guests to relax and enjoy their vacation and surroundings.



Your Safari Surf Adventures surf coaching program will be led by our experienced and passionate trainers. Our trainers will guide you to level appropriate waves and employ the unique SSA training curriculum in and out of the water.

A key component of our teaching philosophy is video and photo reviews, helping to track your progress and giving you focussed goals to work on throughout the program. All progress tracking, photos and videos we take of you are yours to take home at the end of your SSA adventure, giving you a great reference for continued progression whenever and wherever you surf.

  • Kimber Kinley
    Kimber Kinley Trainer / coach ~ South America

    Kimber Kinley is highly qualified Surf Coach, SSA Program Designer and Yoga Teacher. She truly follows a creative rhythm and her journey is one of a maximum adventurer at heart. For the past 7 years, she has traveled the world as a free surfer, from California thru Central America, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Europe offering surf coaching as well as yoga classes and retreats along the way. She attained her ISA (International Surfing Association) Level 2 Certification in Raglan, New Zealand. She has also participated in training at the High Performance Center in Casuarina, Australia, the first facility of its kind, built specifically for surfing and surf fitness, and has accordingly attained her lifeguard rescue training, CPR and First Aid.

    Kimber also holds a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification as well as a 100 hour Yoga Therapeutics certification. She is able to offer a variety of methodologies, including hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative, yin, yoga nidra, post surf stretching, surf fitness, and ‘surf inspired’, her own developed breath and movement flow class, focusing on strength, response, balance, core stability, and endurance, all imperative for the performance and progression of a surfer.

  • Ricardo Pires
    Ricardo Pires Teaching Coordinator ~ Portugal

    “I surf because it´s in my blood.”

    Flow and enjoy! Ricardo has a calm and idiosyncratic connection to surf. For him surfing is not just a sport, it’s a life fulfilling journey. With his surfing he shows that reaching harmony is a tireless quest, where you need to find the moment in your favour and be able to grasp it to express unity. One move can make a thousand waves. Ricardo truly believes in it and has enormous and sincere gratitude towards it. Ever since surf dazzled him at the age of 14 with a magic 5´10 board that belonged to his best friend Mica, he’s been riding the waves around Ericeira. Inspired by “the beautiful and luminous way the waves break, the vibrating sound they make, and my best friends having fun move after move”. He is famous for his rail carving, pronounced bottom-turns and his unmistakeable style – Ricardo likes to draw smooth and long lines in the wave. His surfing grew along side influential and determined champions, like his brother Tiago, or his friends Mica and Kikas, but in the end he prefers supporting his younger brother in contests instead of joining in.

  • Serena ‘Sauce’ Brooke Trainer / Coach ~ Indonesia & Australia

    Serena is a professional surfer, surf coach, charity worker and mother based in Queensland, Australia. Serena enjoyed a 14-year competitive surf career with the World Surf League where she picked up the nickname ‘sauce’ from putting tomato sauce on almost everything she ate! Among her notable accomplishments was winning the Billabong Pro Australia title and achieving a temporary #1 overall ranking in 2001. Serena has finished with #2 ranking twice on the World Championship Tour. Serena has watched the sport grow exponentially as a key part of the evolution of women’s surfing and will remain an icon of the sport indefinitely.

    Besides Serena’s passion for surfing she enjoys fitness, snowboarding, coaching and family time, being one of 6 sisters! Serena’s curious nature has fostered a great love of travelling to new places and experiencing new things, particularly high energy locations where she can learn more about herself and evolve on her spiritual journey.

    Philosophically, Serena prefers not to conform to the socially conditioned rollercoaster of modern life, nor buy into society’s fear based perceptions. As an individual, she strives to do what makes her happy – without fear or guilt, while embracing love and respect for herself and others. Serena’s favourite animals are rabbits – which also happen to be her Chinese sign.



The ocean is our playground. As surfers, we are exposed to the frontline between a diverse, clean and thriving aquatic world, and the increasing impact that our species is having on the environmental balance.

The last few decades alone have seen huge increases in marine pollution, floating marine plastics and a correlated decrease in biodiversity and healthy marine life. Safari Surf Adventures was founded with an absolute commitment to being part of the solution as opposed to being part of the problem.



  • "Andrew and I are so grateful we had the opportunity to experience Rote with SSA.  I thought the accommodation was amazing. The SSA coach's professionalism, organizational skills, surfing ability, creative and therapeutic yoga skills and local knowledge was what made our surf trip so successful." ROTE ISLAND, INDONESIA ~ 2017

    Patricia and Andrew Kelly
    Patricia and Andrew Kelly
  • "The trip was super great. The adventure I had hoped for. I went in with no expectations so everything was a delightful surprise.  The staff are exceptional in every way. I loved the SSA coach so much! Our pro mentor was fun to be around and inspirational." ROTE ISLAND, INDONESIA ~ 2017

    Allison Stratton
    Allison Stratton
  • "SSA's help with flights and logistics was great. Overall it was one of the best surf trips I have done the people and the place were amazing." ROTE ISLAND, INDONESIA ~ 2017

    Jon Guitar
    Jon Guitar
  • "The coaches were truly excellent, as was the hotel and the hotel staff. The coaches truly helped me to understand wave selection and direction better than I had ever before. I am very happy that you put this trip together and that I went with you.  I was considering taking the trip on my own, but believe I could not have overcome the language barrier nor understood the wave nearly as well on my own." CHICAMA, PERU ~ 2017

    Jessie Witherspoon