12 Reasons Why Adventure Travel is better than a comfortable Trip

Traveling is the best way to add some spark into your life. Whether you like to travel alone, or with family, taking an adventure trip than a comfortable trip is going to increase the excitement level. Adventure of any kind like a mountain trek, a biking challenge, a climbing expedition, or cycling along the rural areas is soul food. Let’s have a look at the twelve reasons why adventure travel is better than a comfortable trip.


1. Prove your abilities

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Taking an adventurous trip boosts your confidence level. It lets you face your fears and come out of uncomfortable situations. You will learn how to perform when you are under a lot of pressure and in stressful situations. It will help you in facing hard situations in your personal and professional life.

2. Improves Physical Health

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These days, everyone lives a sedentary lifestyle. There is hardly any physical activity involved in their daily routine. Going cycling or taking a hike to the Pulpit Rock, Norway, is definitely going to leave a positive impact on your physical health. You will notice positive changes in your body like improved digestion, no acidity, a rise in strength, and more. If you are planning to drive to a place for cycling or surfing, then install car roof racks. These are a strong set of bars installed on top of cars that lets you carry your adventure essentials safely.

3. Feeling of Fulfillment

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An adventurous trip gives you a euphoric feeling. The sense of fulfillment when you are away from a fast lifestyle, living a minimalistic life, and living in nature is worth an experience. No matter how old you are, taking a trip that is out of your comfort zone is very uplifting.

4. Positive Mental Health

Apart from physical health, an adventurous trip has a positive impact on your emotional and behavioral wellbeing. When you go for an adventurous trip, you breathe in the fresh oxygen, burn fat, and build strength. The energy involved in these physical activities increases your endorphin levels. It will boost your mood, make you healthy, happy, and keep you rejuvenated.

5. Prepares you for the Uncertainty

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Things don’t always have to go your way, and actually, they don’t. When you are on a solo trip, your travel plans are often planned on spot. You sometimes find yourself in an ambiguous situation, totally unaware of what’s about to happen next. Instead of panicking in those moments, face the situation and deal with it. That’s how an adventure trip prepares you to face life’s uncertainties.

6. Life-Long Memories

Not always, you will be with your family and friends on a trip. Sometimes on adventure trips, you will be traveling with strangers. And, the best thing would be, these people are of the same mindset, as excited and nervous as you. By the end of a seven-day trip, you will make many new friends and lots of memories. You are going to recollect those memories, learn from the experience, and cherish them forever.

7. Makes you smarter

Doing something that is going to make you uncomfortable is challenging, yet it helps you grow as a person. Indulge in some adventure sports to gain a sharper mind. Go for kayaking, scuba diving, or as simple as exploring a new route is useful for brain stimulation. It helps in improving your creativity and problem-solving skills.

8. Learn new skills

A trip filled with adventure is an excellent way to learn new skills. Every place has a different culture, different style, and beauty. You might have to learn the basics of a new language to communicate with the locals or develop your negotiation skills or cooking skills. These skills are going to stay with you forever and will help you in your personal life too.

9. Travel Ethically

You add to the economy of a place when you visit remote/poor areas in the world. It helps in preserving their beautiful landscapes. Due to excessive plastic wastes, pollution, and global warming, our environment is getting affected negatively. You learn to protect nature by leaving no trash behind. Adventure travelers learn to appreciate the beauty of mother nature and leave behind the comfort of resorts and hotels.

10. Enhances Life perspective

When you go for a comfortable trip by booking a hotel/resort, you are on your own, maybe enjoying a spa and delicious food. But when you are on an adventure trip, you meet people from various parts of the world from different cultures. You get to know their style of living. And that’s how you get a new perspective towards life.

11. Living on a budget

You learn to live on a budget when you are on adventure travel. You learn to prioritize things and spend money accordingly. You restrain yourself from spending money on eating in big restaurants and spending money on buying useless stuff. Adventure travel teaches you how to manage your finances.

12. New friendships

Taking an adventure trip is the best way to make new friends. You travel with someone whom you hardly know, but you share food, laughter, and sorrows for a few days. And, that’s the start of new friendships.


So, the above are twelve reasons why adventure travel is better than a comfortable trip. Get addicted to adventure traveling, and you will never regret it.


Written by Emma Willson