Alonso AragonTrainer / Coach ~ Costa Rica / Nicaragua

Alonso has been surfing for well over 20+ years and has been working with Safari Surf School as an instructor for over 12 years. Alonso is the “style master”… his style on land translates to the ocean and to his surfboard. A polished surfer with style… that’s what he is and we all want to be. He is an ISA (International Surfing Association) Level 2 Surf Coach as well as a certified Water Rescue / Lifeguard.

Alonso embodies the “pura vida” spirit as he is native of Costa Rica. His smile and booming laugh are unmistakable. His love for the ocean and passion for surf instruction is second to none. You will want Alonso in the water with you at all times… either instructing you or making you laugh with his witty sense of humor!

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